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Browse Homes

Browse through the daily foreclosure list on our website. We assign a value to each property for you and track all the opening bids so you can identify the properties you are interested in. We also give you sorting options which allow you to filter the list based on the criteria that’s important to you, for example: city, zip, open bid, margin, value, % of open bid to value etc.

Identity Properties

Once you identify the properties you are interested in, you can request CMAs (Comparitive Market Analysis) for multiple properties. We evaluate the property for you and help you determine your maximum bid. We even go a step further and drive properties to determine their condition and location. We share drive reports with you and make them available for the majority of each day’s properties.

Place Maximum Bids

You can bid online or via email, whichever you prefer. You give us your highest and best bid and we will bid to your number. We cover all of the trustee sales in Maricopa county with our bidders.

We Bid For You

We will bid for you on an unlimited number of properties each day. We will get you on the phone for each bid you have so you can adjust it LIVE.

Win Property

We will bid in small increments up to your max bid. We only go as high as a 3rd party pushes us to get you the best price. If your bid beats all other third party bids, you win the property and we give the trustee the required 10k deposit.

Pay Next Business Day by 5pm

The remaining balance is paid in full the next business day by 5pm. We can courier funds to the trustee for you and close the transaction in our office to make it simple. We can also help you obtain private money financing aka ‘hard money financing’ for every property you purchase. This is a great strategy and helps you leverage your capital.